International 9900i x 9300 v1.6 - 1.46
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Update Added DLC compatibility for Cabin Accessories Steering Creations Forest Machinery Fixed gps I replaced some of the truck’s parts with my own models. Including the hood, cab front, visors, mirrors, battery boxes. The interior remains mostly the same as the 9900i, minus the adjustments necessary for it to fit the new cab shape. Those would be new door models, and new upper dash. I have not used any references for those, they’re improvised. What you get: – A new standalone truck – 2 cabs – 2 chassis per cab (rear tanks, front tanks) – new rear exhaust (plus all the 9900i exhausts) The rest is mostly the same as the 9900i. Adapted for Credits: SCS – W900 roof wing, headlights and binkers; International 9900i Overfloater – models for cab front, wipers, visors, hood, mirrors, rear exhausts, battery boxes, tank steps, interior doors & upper dash

Credits: Overfloater


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