BASE ATS TO ETS2 V1.02 [1.39.X]
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This mod is a basesystem to make ETS2 have full support to ATS Original Trucks IT IS EXTREMELY RECOMMENDED that you USE THE BASE before any map mods. CONTENT & COMPATIBILITY - Added ATS Modification Files for Compatibility and Stability - Added Economia BRL 1.0 Normal/Lite Full Compatibility Support - Added EAA Map Full Compatibility Support Current Stable Version (v1.02-stable) PATCH NOTES - Fixed some crashes with Volvo VNL Customization Wheel Star Chrome Cover. - Rebuilded BASE structure to improve more ATS to ETS2 internal compatibility. - Trucks Updated to match BASE - Fixed all Gamelog ERROR messages related to the Trucks. - Fixed some random crashes issues.

Credits: spycodex


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