[ATS] Kenworth W900L – Big Bob Long v3.5.1 (1.40)
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Turn up the volume of your sound system and drive for hours w/Cat C-16 690hp tuned” -> Max out Truck engine, exhaust volume. -> Turbo volume, effects, noise, interior sounds etc. at ~90 percent. Find your sweet spot. -> ‘No sound’ issue: Sell truck, drive in-game truck, buy truck again, then there’s sound. Fixed, Updated, Upgraded by Kenworth_John 2021: – New: Caterpillar C-16 tuned SP, fan noise! – handmade torque curve, real life specs – Adapted Eaton 18-speed transmission with retarder for working smoothly with C-16 – Sounds fixed. Many missing files, many wrong data paths in mod. – Changed base/fallback model at dealer for a more satisfyingly look. – Again and again: Shadows, reflections, textures needed some attention. – SCS-ingame and BigBob-Bumbers caused map errors due to missing side reflections. Corrected! – And much more details… a never ending story. This project got bigger than expected. Tested for hours now. Works very good without crashes/issues. Also tested w/clean profile.

Credits: Big Bob


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