[ATS] Kenworth K100-E + Interior v1.3.4 by Overfloater (1.40.x)
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1.1 change notes: – Replaced models for all cab exteriors, aero-kits, visors, plastic bumper, sideskirts. Basically, rebuilt half the mod. – New accessories: bug screen, winterfronts and tank-end covers. – Added non-painted plastic bumper & sideskirt variant. – New chassis variant with 2 tanks per side, minor edits for all other chassis. – Removed cab suspension. Long story short, this means there’s no longer a need for a custom license plate. – Added collision for the ladders. (None for the Euro ladder) 1.2 change notes: – added 2 marker light add-ons – Re-textured grille, exhausts & air ducts. – Replaced sounds with SCS W900 sounds, for 1.37 compatibility. 1.2.1 change notes: – 1.39 compatibility 1.3.4 change notes: – 1.40 compatibility

Credits: Overfloater


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