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International ProStar Daycab rework for American Truck Simulator 1.35 and up Buy in International dealer (access mod dealer for now, later can be in the International dealer) 1 Cabin (Daycab) 1 Chassis (6x4) 1 Interior updated in 1.35: - Adapted for DX11 - Fixed shadows - Reworked windows - Added beacon and horns option - Added working trailer cables - Added compatibility with most items from SiSL accessories pack (must have SiSL pack otherwise will be missing a lot of accessories in the cabin). - Added compatibility with ATS Steam hanging toys (Chainsaw, XMas trees, bears etc). - Reworked engine sound for each engine. NOTE: May not be compatible to use along with Lonestar and Durastar.If so then just use this truck in different profile. Additional Note: While waiting for International dealer here is another "deadman from the grave" ! Feel free to update and share. Credits are due then. Trick to those who know how and where - truck have two changeable computers. Light brown pattern and dark one. Just rename computers2.sui to computers.sui and vice versa. Known issue - Hood mirrors. Carlos Delgado; 1.35 update by vasja555

Credits: Carlos Delgado; vasja555


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