TrailKing TK360MDG & TK550SWIR
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FULL MOD LIST: tk360v2 (REQUIRED). This is the MAIN mod. You need this to use the trailer at all. Duh. tk360decal (OPTIONAL). Adds extra decal slots. Requires photo editing software capable of editing DDS file extensions. [Location does not matter] tk360damage (REQUIRED). Disables damage. Use in conjunction with teleport/free camera. Requires editing profile config SII file to enable. Consult Google. [Location does not matter] tk360cam (OPTIONAL). Greatly extends the range of the following FOV camera. [Location does not matter] tk360snap (OPTIONAL). Increases range of snapshot camera. [Location does not matter] tk360_nowy (CONDITIONAL). This is required ONLY if you do NOT own Wyoming DLC. [Place ABOVE main] Variants are selectable in ‘Chassis’ option in dealer. 360MDG and 550SWIR are interchangeable with trailer adjustor. Tested on 1.49 Credits UMT

Credits: UMT


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