Stacked SCS Lowboy Trailers v1.3.1 [1.42]
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Mod adapted for v1.42 – Purchase stacked trailers from among the SCS Lowboys – Purchase ONE specific trailer configuration (either ground-Coupled [SCS] or Stacked [EYT]). After ‘using’ it from Trailer Manager, Adjust Trailer (F7) to switch between Coupled and Stacked configurations. When you own one configuration, you automatically own its companions. – A few customizations now survive through F7 cycle (I’m still working to make more survive). (Some customizations of the base game are disabled because they never survive F7 cycle.) – Wheel/tire customizations still will NOT survive. – Paint jobs survive. – Bodies survive (Wood-Rail, Full Wood, Wood w/Alum) – Some fenders and mudflaps survive (front & rear): – (Front will not survive on configurations with JEEPS.) – (Rear will not survive on configurations with SPREADERS.) – Front bodies survive on configurations withOUT JEEPS. – Bumpers with working reverse lights are available on configurations where they make sense. (e.g., trailers that use spreaders do not have reversing lights.) – When you F7 from stacked to coupled, the coupled trailers automatically spawn with flags, strobes and a banner (‘OVERSIZE LOAD’ or ‘LONG LOAD’ – your choice). – Cargoes that are long or oversized are labeled ( .. [LONG], .. [OS] ) to guide your trailer-configuration choice. – Lowboy trailers have more descriptive names, and Trailer Manager is tweaked a bit to show those names. – Stacked trailers accept all SCS base-game cargo, as well as Forest Machinery, Heavy, Volvo Const Eqp, and a few Oversize Cargoes IF you own the DLCs. – Custom cargoes exist for ownable, freight-market, and traffic lowboys, and many SCS cargoes are branded (e.g., CAT, Doosan, Hitachi). – Several custom cargoes exist among parked vehicles.

Credits: Eddie Yantz


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