Ownable Reitnouer Dropmiser [1.40]
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The Reitnouer Dropmiser Ownable 1.40 The Amazing Habdorn: Original model and textures KeithD: Converting to ATS, textures, cargo, def file setup, testing and packaging AAModding/CNH Modding: Vermeer 605M and Steiger Panther models The following group of CG artists for creating the cargo models: 32cm, Art-Studio3d, balintpeter, beyazkurkk, Duan Fu, dyonis, ed-gularte, Evermotion, gujik2020, kibadrop69, Lopiky-Labs, m1st3r_pr0per, ndsfla, novelo, Parzival, pasquill3d, Pixel-cloud, ReVerse-engineering, romanson, sniewolski Beta Testers: Tracy Pennock David Lewis Brayden Schroeder Enjoy! Credits: The Amazing Habdorn, KeithD, AAModding, CNH Modding

Credits: The Amazing Habdorn, KeithD, AAModd


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