Ownable Jet Company Grain Hopper v1.2 (1.41.x)
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Jet Company Grain Hopper - high quality standalone trailer model added for ATS players. They’re considered the easiest industry trailer to unload, with no 90° corners for product to hang-up. Even traditionally sticky products, such as DDGs and Bean Meal, clean out easily with out requiring a vibrator or knock rails to start material flow. Features Jet Company Grain Hopper: - Standalone trailer; - Sold by a mod dealer; - Your cargo; - Advanced hitch; - Choice of body (chrome, paint); - Support for cables; - the model has own wheels; - working brake and reverse lights; - detailed model. Changes in v1.2: - Adapted to the latest game patch 1.41 Tested on game version 1.41.x

Credits: aRLaN6, KeithD


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