NitroModz Ownable Rackley v2.0 - 1.46
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All cargos compatible up to Texas DLC. Cargo def and corresponding sui files updated to newer format, this fixed issues with payouts and weights. Trailers are properly UV mapped to support in-game painting. The toolkit is no longer required. Updated chassis def on quad to fix wheel misalignment. HOW TO PURCHASE RACKLEY: 1- Select either the triple or quad configuration from the NitroModz dealer. Both will yield the same loads so which one you choose is a matter of personal preference. 2- Do NOT change trailer chain type within the dealer. It is for sorting purposes only! This will cause the invisible wheels to load the incorrect configuration. If you ignored this rule, go to 2A. ‎2A- You absolute moron, exit the dealer and start over. Both rackleys come with 2 configurations that can be adjusted in the trailer adjuster; deck and rail. The empty configurations have been adjusted to allow you to preview cargo. However you must switch to the loaded versions of the trailer to prevent model clipping. KNOWN ISSUES: Trailer booster on quad starts to become unstable around 60mph+ when under load. A newer weight distribution system is being worked on. The wheels glitch out in the trailer dealer at certain angles and become transparent. Newer wheel models are in the works. For version 1.46X Credits Nitrodax777

Credits: Nitrodax777


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