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v1.49.1 changes: Corrected license plates position. Corrected flatbed chassis invisible parts. Corrected metallic paint on 2 axles chassis (FULL version). THIS IS A LITE VERSION. ASK FOR FULL VERSION BY EMAIL. FULL version includes: Triple trailers. Two axles trailer. Trailers in traffic (all variants). Custom metallic paint. Grill guards as accessory (7 variants). More flatbed cargos. Quick updates and improves. Get instructions. Send me an email. ARCTIC LOGS TRANSPORT TRAILERS. Updated to ATS 1.49.x. Completely reworked. Ownables & freight market. Single & doubles. Three and five axles. Corrected lights. Corrected shadows. Logger and flatbed chassis. Cargos updated to latest DLC’S. Added up to 6 colors variants. Some corrections on def files. Improved locale files. Trailer cables. Advanced coupling. Reflective stripes. Clean gamelog. Credits CTV, C.A.M, Bolt Logging, Morris

Credits: CTV, C.A.M, Bolt Logging, Morris


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