Alutrec Flatbed Trailer v1.1.2 by Smarty (1.41.x)
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Alutrec Flatbed - Alutrec is a small, but accomplished manufacturer of aluminum semitrailers based out of Laurier-Station, Quebec. They've been operating since 1995 and were acquired by Manac in 2018. This mod focuses on their flatbed model, as an ownable trailer in various axle configurations commonly used in Quebec and Ontario. Features mod trailer Alutrec Flatbed: - standalone - the choice of color - the model has own wheels - working brake lights - high quality model Changes in v1.1.2: - Chased a whole bunch of moved cargo textures for 1.41 - material tweaks for 1.40 - Added cargo model for ctubes_l, scr_plywood (for ProMods Canada users) - Added placeholder cargo models for hptank, ctubes_s 

Credits: Corby, SCS Software, Smarty


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