Winter Sounds Addon v4.0 [1.46]
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Version 4: Muted lawn mowing sound and another forest bird ambient sound (Sound Fixes Pack required for this feature). This mod aptly reworks sounds for a snowy winter season. Are you ready to brave and immerse yourself for the coldest season? # Features: – The subtle sound of snowfall. – Feel the multiple layers of howling wind and gusts during intensified storms. – Simulated unique combinations of wind sound effects during intensified storms as you step outside your truck. – Chances of hearing thundersnow sounds with a varying proximity. The further it is, the more it gets muffled by snow. – A reworked default wiper sound with audio of it wiping sleet on the windshield. – The default wiper sound to have the possibility of squeaking when the windshield is dry. # Exclusive features: The following features only work when used along with the Sound Fixes Pack: – Less insect and bird ambient sounds due to the snowy winter season. – Muted lawn mowing sound. – Sound of air conditioning system on the Tesla Model S in AI traffic when the player camera is near the hood of the car. [ATS only] – Limited spawn of non-winter-oriented base game AI traffic vehicles such as open top vehicles and ice cream vans. # Compatibility notes: * Tested on 1.46, 1.45, 1.44, 1.43, 1.42, and 1.41. * Requires higher priority than the Sound Fixes Pack, the Frosty Winter Weather mod, and any rain sound mods to work correctly. * Thundersnow sound feature might only apply with the Frosty Winter Weather mod for American Truck Simulator. # For more immersion: While not mandatory, the mod is highly recommended and designed to work with the following for an immersive experience: * Frosty Winter Weather Mod by Grimes * Sound Fixes Pack As part of the Sound Fixes Pack Collection, this mod may get further updates to cover more wintry aspects. Stay tuned! Credits: Drive Safely

Credits: Drive Safely


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