SCS Extracted 2023.11.02
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NEW!!! SCS_Extracted this is a way to unpack scs files in the games: ATS and ETS2 for changing and modding them. SCS_Extracted – now has access to all scs files in ETS2(89) and ATS(49) to extract them. SCS_Extracted – everything files scs in ETS2 (89) and ATS (49) unpacks. ATTENTION! I made this for myself and maybe you do not need it. RAR-archive SCS_Extracted_02.11.2023.rar ~1MB contains the files: #_SCS_Extracted.exe, ReadMe_.txt and extract_2.jpg. ALLOWED DISTRIBUTE THIS ARCHIVE WITHOUT USING THE ORIGINAL LINK. Attention! There are no viruses in SCS_Extracted. But some inexperienced antivirus programs may warn about the threat posed by SCS_Extracted. Because they perceive batch files in SCS_Extracted as a threat. You can ignore the warnings or just stop using SCS_Extracted. Start installation: Run the SCS_Extracted.exe file and specify any location convenient for you on any disk and the SCS_Extracted folder will be created there Need free space for unpacking ALL scs files of two games is approximately: 46GB in ATS + 90GB in ETS2 Afterwards in the created folder SCS_Extracted read Manual__Read_Me_.txt to continue. author: bobo58 / 02.11.2023

Credits: bobo58


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