Road & Wind Noise Sound v1.1
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Road & Wind Noise Sound Mod (G4) This mod is the ultimate enhancement to complete your soundscape, containing realistic road noises for asphalt and gravel with typical tire whine sounds, rumble strip sounds and tire bump sounds. It also contains interior wind and cabin ambience sounds. When your truck speed increases, the sound of the wind hitting the windshield will become more obvious, especially with the windows closed. Crack open the window and hear the rush of air blowing around the entire cabin. Feature list: Asphalt road noise with tire whine. Gravel road noise. Rumble strip sounds. Tire bump sounds (when hitting curbs or bumps in the road). Interior windshield wind noise. Open window wind noise with a typical rush of air when there is a small window opening. General cabin ambience at speed. Changes 1.1 – Asset loading and compression changed, file size reduced. – Pitch changed on tire noise, now produces a deeper hum (heavier sounding). – SFX – Added mod mp_mod_optional Compatible with ATS 1.46 If you like this mod you can visit my site for more! Credits: zeemods

Credits: zeemods


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