Real USA Gas Stations - 1.48
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– Changed Chemron to Chevron – Changed GP to BP – Several gallon gas stations have been changed to Texaco. – Changed several gallon corner gas stations to Union 76. – Changed Heart’s to Love’s – Changed truck stops on Flying J – Changed truck stops on Pilot – Re-added Sunoco to Bakersfield (from P16) – Changed some stations to Circle K – Added CAT Scales logo. – Redesigned Baker Truck Corral (Oregon) logo. – Redesigned Jack’s Truck Stop Banners (Oregon). – Changed the rural gas station to Exxon – Changed Ev chargers to nrg EVgo – Changed Truckworks to Napa Truck Service Center (and banners) – Changed Gallon Auto Truck Plaza to TA Credits: Pedrom029, Maria Unpajote, Azirus

Credits: Pedrom029, Maria Unpajote, Azirus


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