More Random Events Mod By Muszek v1.9 (1.36.x)
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Version 1.9 changelog - Optimalized for 1.36.x game version - Fixed bugs - Added 2 new road/random events Info: – More events – Much longer road works, up to 2km – Police Chase, from now on Police can keep 1 to 2 vehicles, you have to remember that this is random. – More and longer events in city – Broken Tire now spawn on the road (note it has collisions, better slow down) – more events on the roads 1-1 (in the future I intend to do large road works on these roads) – From now on when the car is burning on the highway and goes to the left lane. !Works with any other modification, it’s best to give high priority! This is my first mod, so mistakes are possible, please report errors in the comments, preferably with screenshots, and a description of what is wrong Have a nice game !

Credits: Muszek


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