Kenworth W900 Engine Sound Remix v1.0
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This is my remix of SCS engine sound for Kenworth W900. It uses stock sound samples recorded by SCS and one more sound sample from Kriechbaum (the turbo noise). While the original samples aren’t bad, the mix unfortunately is, therefore I re-made the mix from scratch as I did in my i9900 remix. Now the pitch of engine sound corresponds to the engine rpm. Another improvement is the exhaust sound position which I moved to where the actual exhaust is. Jake brake and turbo noise were improved as well. I think the 100th anniversary rework deserves a better engine sound mix so please enjoy The mod includes remote engine sounds bank so it will work in convoy mode. It’s also marked as optional for convoy sessions with optional mods. Credits Harven, Kriechbaum

Credits: Harven, Kriechbaum


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