DTM Transmission Pack v1.0
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The DTM Transmission Pack offers a well-balanced selection of transmissions, catering to the demands of everyday driving. Unlike the traditional tranmissions where you’ll sit at around 1700rpm going around 80mp/h, this pack offers a wide array of well ballanced options made for long highway driving, including 18 speed, 13 speed, 10 speed, 8 speed, and 6 speed transmissions and last but also least a 4 speed transmission. Now, you can smoothly transition through gears, without having to sit at high revs for long periods at a time, enabling a more enjoyable and economical driving experience. Whether you’re cruising on the highway, tackling challenging parking lots, or simply driving in a traffic jam, the DTM Transmission Pack transforms your gameplay. Say goodbye to the limitations of your stock transmissions and elevate your trucking experience with this mod! Current supported trucks: All SCS trucks Compatible with 1.48.x Credits: DamienDutch

Credits: DamienDutch


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