Cummins ISX/X15 Straight Pipe Sound v4.0 - 1.46
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Version 4.0 Changelog: Renamed cm870 and cm2250 to ISX and ISX15 and will be stock EGR and VGT version EGR and VGT deleted version will be ISX with N14 turbo and ISX15 with Holset HX60W Turbo VGT Deleted ISX use jake brake, and the rest use interbrake (Note: Because 3rd stage interbrake is done by VGT mechanism, so VGT Deleted ISX15 won’t have difference between 2nd and 3rd stage) Removed X15 engine as it gonna be its own mod Whole new engine specifications Reworked sounds of course

Credits: Slav Jerry - sound modding


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