Catperpillar 3408 Engine Pack v1.0
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Catperpillar 3408 Engine Pack v1.0 ATS This pack contains 4 variants of the 3408, ranging from 400 hp up to 550 hp. There is also a standard electric start as well as air start. These engines work will ALL SCS trucks and the following modded trucks: Autocar AT by XBS Autocar DC by XBS Brockway by KSW Ford LTL 9000 by RTA (in Development) Freightliner XL by John Ruda Freightliner FLB by Harven Freightliner FLC by XBS Kenworth K108 by RTA Kenworth K200 by RTA Kenworth 908 by RTA Kenworth K100e by Overfloater Kenworth w900 by John Ruda Kenworth w900 by RTA Kenworth w900a by 4k Kenworth w900b by GTM Kenworth w990 by Harven Mack f700 by KSW Mack rs600 by Harven Mack superliner by RTA Peterbilt 3xx By Guidot (HFG) Peterbilt 352 by swumfanpage2017 Peterbilt 359 by FLX Peterbilt 359 by RTA Peterbilt 379 by Dom Peterbilt 379 by RTA Peterbilt 379x by 4k Peterbilt 389 by Viper Peterbilt 389 by Haterbilt Peterbilt 567 by GTM Scot A2HD bt Smarty For 1.40

Credits: Serialblack


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