Cascadia 116 BBC Daycab v0.3
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V0.3 – Added support for the 4×2 chassis. – Added Mudguard add-ons – Fixed chrome bumper Important informations. – This mod REPLACE the 126” Daycab. – All compatible parts are listed with (116) at the end OR have a PolyFir UI Icon. Some other parts are still compatible and have the original SCS Icon (ex, all roof deflectors). – Only one chassis available at the moment. Backup Lights – This model features working backup lights on the truck. To enable them use the same key as the beacon lights. Truck skins – Any truck skins won’t work with this model, new skins will need to be created and we are sorry for the inconvenience. You will find the skin template inside the mod folder. We did our best to make it easy for you guys but this is the best we can do as this short variant was higly requested. 1.49X Tested Credits PolyFir Studios

Credits: PolyFir Studios


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