[ATS] GTA V Vehicles in AI Traffic Pack v2.5.2 (1.41 - 1.42)
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Update 09.10.21: - update to newest ATS verion 1.42 This pack contains cars converted from Grand Theft Auto V and Online. Features - Includes new driver and passenger models. - Realistic lamp mask and lighting system. - FMOD engine sounds for specific vehicles. - Each vehicle has its own speed and mass data. Supercars and sports cars are much faster than typical sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs. Supercars may sometimes try to overtake your truck on the highway! - American license plates are installed on all vehicles. - Unlike vanilla AI vehicles, many vehicles have a passenger. - Some vehicles have variants such as tuning parts or roof luggage. - All convertible vehicles drive with the roof closed in rainy weather. - All standalone and not replace any original cars. Cars List Albany - Alpha, Cavalcade, Primo, V-STR, Washington, Cavalcade II Annis - Elegy RH8, Euros, Remus Benefactor - Schafter V12, Schlagen GT, XLS Bollokan - Prairie Bravado - Gresley, Bison, Banshee, Gauntlet Hellfire, Youga Brute - Pony Canis - Seminole, Seminole Frontier Cheval - Fugitive, Surge Coil - Raiden, Voltic Declasse - Asea, Premier, Granger, Moonbeam Dewbauchee - Massacro Dinka - Blista Compact, Blista Kanjo, Sugoi, Jester Classic Dundreary - Landstalker, Landstalker XL Emperor - Habanero, Vectre Enus - Paragon R Fathom - FQ2 Gallivanter - Baller II Grotti - Carbonizzare, Itali GTO, Furia Hijak - Khamelion Invetero - Coquette, Coquette D10 Karin - Asterope, Asterope Taxi, Kuruma, Futo, Sultan, Previon, Intruder Lampadati - Felon GT, Novak Maibatsu - Penumbra, Penumbra FF Obey - 8F Drafter, Rocoto Ocelot - Pariah Overflod - Entity XXR Pegassi - Toros, Tempesta Pfister - Comet Progen - Emerus Schyster - Fusilade Truffade - Thrax Ubermacht - Oracle II, Revolter, Rebla GTS Vapid - FMJ, Dominator, Dominator ASP, Dominator GTX, Caracara 4x4, Sadler, Sandking XL, Guardian, Utility Truck, Taxi, Radius, Minivan, Speedo Zirconium - Stratum

Credits: grlk3512


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