[ATS] Better Raindrops with Rain Sound v1.9.4 - 1.49
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Better Raindrops - this modification adds a mod aimed to improve raindrops appearence on windshield (and rain in general) and make game more realistic and immersive. This mod not only enhances the raindrops on your truck's windshield, but it also adds realistic thunder sounds to enhance the immersion while driving in the rain. The raindrops appear more detailed and varied, providing a more realistic visual experience. Features Better Raindrops: - Add new texture and significantly increase number of raindrops. - Improved physical behaviour of particles, now their spawn will be more affected by truck position relatively to rain inclination. - It makes a huge difference and vastly improve perception of weather! Just try it yourself! - Reworked sound effects for wipers and rain - New car splash trails - Winter addon, replacing raindrops with snowflakes - New audio settings for truck cabins improving reverberation and sound insulation Changes in v1.9.4: - Improved interior and exterior rain sounds

Credits: Avelium


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