USA Reimagined Map v1.1 (1.41.x)
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USA Reimagined - aims to bring life to every Garage, Dealership and Fuel Station. A lot of these prefabs have the bare essentials, I am raising that bar by adding in foliage, trucks, movers and much more. The main goal of this mod is to make the world feel more lived in. There will be several phases, with each update changing more cities and areas in the map. This effects only the base game map, all DLC is needed. Features USA Reimagined: - phase 1 of the map; - added custom prefabs; - changed cities and areas on the map; - industrial buildings added; - required all DLC's. Changes in v1.1: - removed dusty storm; - fixed some bugs from previous version. Tested on game version v1.41.x

Credits: Digital X


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