Texas Frontage Roads Project + TFRP Border Addon v1.4
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Changelog v1.4 – New version released, this adds the Border Addon to the mod and fixes a bug in San Antonio. – I’ve created a new addon for this mod called “Texas Frontage Roads Project: Border Addon”, this mod adds inspection stations (akin to the agricultural inspection stations seen in California) across Texas and New Mexico. Making for a new gimmick for users of the Texas DLC, and especially good for Reforma Map Mod users. Texas Frontage Roads Project, you can travel on most frontage roads in Texas! Allowing for more versatility to your gameplay and add new things such as a truck stop (Fort Worth) and a few rest areas. (Killeen and Brownsville) WARNING TO PEOPLE WHO USE MODS THAT MODIFY THE TEXAS AREA: Because this map mod does modify Texas, some map mods may break this mod or vice-versa, if you can, try to either load this as priority or load the map mod that affects TX as high as possible. CITIES AFFECTED WITH THIS MOD Dallas/Fort Worth Amarillo Odessa Austin/Killeen Lubbock Brownsville/McAllen Corpus Christi Houston Austin/Killeen Wichita Falls Lufkin Beaumont Credits Brothergun

Credits: Brothergun


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