Reforma City Addons v1.1 (1.48)
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Reforma City Addons - this modification brings 3 new cities which expand Reforma Map. Reforma Pacifico: - The city of Puerto Vallarta is included; - improvements in Nuevo Vallarta; - 3D models and totally new and exclusive tropical vegetation for this project. Reforma Noreste: - consisting of the construction of the states of Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas for the ATS; - The Northeast project will soon cover cities such as Monclova, Saltillo, Monterrey, Ciudad Victoria, Tampico, as well as the border cities with Texas (once the Texas DLC comes out), Piedras Negras (if Eagle Pass appears by SCS), Cd. Acuña (if Del Rio appears by SCS), Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa (if McAllen appears by SCS) and Matamoros (If Brownsville appears by SCS) Reforma Los Antos: - includes map extension over Jalisco state in mexico.

Credits: Eblem, Other Authors


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