Minor Urban Overhaul v16.0 - 1.49
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Experimental version for the 1.49 Open Beta has been uploaded, updates for both regular and lite versions. Since the recent CTDs are particularly game-breaking, I’m not going to wait for the OB to be over to update the mod. Making a version for 1.48.5 would be pointless considering how close 1.49 is, I’m playing the game often recently so if any Open Beta patch breaks everything, expect a fix on the same day. CTDs in East Los Angeles, possibly more areas, caused by excess of deleted models, fixed. AI Busses spawn again. Skylines of Oakland (proper Oakland-specific models) and San Francisco (properly-sized Transamerica and Bank of America towers, newer Transbay developments) reworked. Lite Version v16 (Version of this mod that only includes the scenery changes in California and Phoenix)UPDATED 11/04/2023 (Compatible up to ATS 1.49) Credits Quaristice

Credits: Quaristice


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