MAP "MONKAMX" [1.36.X]
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This is a fictional map for American Truck Simulator 1.36. Requires MEGA RESOURCES 2.1.4 (or 2.1.5 if you have Sierra Nevada) and all DLC Maps (OR, NM, WA and UT) to work. * The map has 20 cities. * It has difficult passing roads and flyers * Compatible with all maps * Contains a long ramp, to see who goes further. * Contains a ramp to reach a bridge in another city. * 4 Ferrys ( ATMX and USA) ** THE FILE IS IN .RAR ( MUST UNZIP THE FOLDER) AND CONTAINS PHOTOS OF HOW THE MAPS ARE ACCOMMODATED AND INCLUDES THE MEGARESORUCES 2.1.5 FILES AND THE MONKAMX/ATMX CONNECTOR MODS … —— Order of all maps (the order is in general, if you do not have one just follow the order ..) ——- 1) ATMX VM FERRY 2) ATMX MONKA CONX 3) USHINGTON 4) PROJECT GOING NORTH 5) CANADREAM 6) INTERSTATE 10 7) RADIATOR SPRING 8) COAST TO COAST 9) MOUNTAIN ROADS 10) ATMX BASE 11) MONKAMX MAP 12) MEGARESOURCES C2C 13) MEGA RESOURCES 2.1.5 or 2.1.4 14) SIERRA NEVADA 15) KEY FILE SIERRA NEVADA 16) MEXSSIMAP 17) EXTREME MEXICO 17) VIVA MEXICO MAP 18) MINOR URBAN OVERHAUL If you liked the map.

Credits: Bostro Gamer


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