[ATS] BMW X6 Hamann + Interior v1.1 - 1.46
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BMW X6 - this modification adds the Hamann BMW Edition converted from GTA 5 to ATS with all standards of the game. The “M” badge and huge holes in the exhaust pipes tell others that there is a real alpha male on the road. However, some people are not satisfied with this situation. If you want to be the coolest among the cool, you need to add a little more. For this, Germany has Hamann. This is a team of engineers and designers who help realize the most incredible dreams of those who are eager to enlarge. And the BMW X6M Hamann is a clear confirmation of this. Features BMW X6 Hamann: - Autonomous; - Bmw X6 Hamann is sold in all showrooms; 1 cabin; - 1 chassis; - 2 own engines; - 1 own checkpoint; - Your sounds; - 2 interiors; - Painted + metallic; - Own wheels and disks; - Support for accessories in the cabin; - Animations; - Tuning. Changes in v1.1 By AJIEHA: - Adapted to the latest game patch 1.46.x; - Added animation of opening windows in and out only for the left version; - Added wiper handle; - Added head light switch; - Added handle flashing high beam; Tested on game version 1.46.x

Credits: Mert Irşi, AJIEHA, FuNYash



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