TATRA 813 KOLOS "KINGS OFF ROAD 2" V1.1 V03.03.16
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Mod TATRA 813 KOLOS "KINGS OFF ROAD 2" V1.1 for SPINTIRES (V03.03.16)

Added: Crane (by Roman Sonchak, Nicklegosta) over-texture + 4 garage points. Kenguryatnik repair 100 Pts. (author Doroh). Trawl (taken from a pack of semi-trailers). Thanks to the authors for addons.
Removed the lift and one trailer.
Disadvantages: There are unnecessary default add-ons, and are misplaced. Some addons are placed on each other.

So as not to confuse the players, I post it as a separate mod, differing mainly in 20 gears (in reality it has 20 gears).
I will describe the main difference from the mod in the "basis": 20 gears (acceleration is not fast), 250 hp (in reality, up to 250)

On a flat road, it can gradually accelerate to 20th gear and gain good speed - According to real sensations, 60-70 kmh, after 20 transmissions, 70-90 kmh. That was the main goal. Up to 20 transfers somewhere a quarter of the road map.

Other changes:
Suspension - less swinging on the bumps.
Improved tightening of the load.
More accurately fitted hitch and component add-ons to the model (from the package of semi-trailers).
Addons, textures are shown on screen.
Also in the archive additional textures (white or two, original, winter)

Credits: iberi


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