Something 7 - GAZ-53A-NIIAT-05 version 1.1 (v03.03.16)
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Mod Something 7 - GAZ-53A-NIIAT-05 version 1.1 for Spintires (v03.03.16)

My next homemade.
Only the frame will spawn.
Wheels from Gas-53, by Zhenya Levin (pokemone)
Addons borrowed from Author: Jura2470 link to the mod.
Two cab colors to choose from, taken from Author: maxpetrenko
If the mod comes to you, but does not like the quality of the cab, then maybe I will add another, from Pokemon.

Version 1.1 update:

As promised, he added a cabin from the Lawn to Zhenya Levin (pokemon), took it in the same place as the wheels. The mod itself was a bit proficient. Thank you all for your activity, and especially for the likes, appreciate!

Credits: Soul Reaver


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