New Year's Vanity map version 1 (v03.03.16)
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Mod New Year's Vanity map version 1 for Spintires (v03.03.16)

New Year's Fuss card.

SMS from Lehi:

Hello! I have 3 news! The first news: we had a warming and the roads turned into rubbish ... Before you drove a column of timber trucks, so everything is very bad there.

Second news: Santa Claus arrived in our city Error 001, and the children are waiting for gifts. Go there faster!

The third news: Do you remember the children's camp "The Seagull"? Yes, those ruins where we first rested in 19 **, and then played there "in war" when it was closed ... Well, now there is the Seagull airsoft club. We need to bring people there, but only a groove will not pass along this destroyed road, but I have a plan!

There is gas 66 in the old garage, six months ago I started it. A month ago, leaked all gasoline. Where to get gas? 2 days ago, a fuel truck driver came running to us, saying that he saw some kind of devilry there. The freak swelled up. Find this KAMAZ, and fill the Shishigu, leave the KAMAZ at the garages. At the garages, I and our classmates and friends will be waiting for you, you will take us to the airsoft club. While I will order the game, you will go to the old sawmill (it is near the city) and bring workers from there, well, you have to fight with someone. In short, welcome to the native Error 001. Successful completion!


Credits: solo


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