Map "Call of Nature: The Last Work" version 1.0 (v03.03.16)
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Mod Map "Call of Nature: The Last Work" version 1.0 for SPINTIRES (v03.03.16)

Hello friends! I present to you my new card, I finally completed it.

A little non-standard card, at least for me. Immediately I will say that some may not like it, because it will have to tinker with loading. The area is swamped and you have to work as a loader grab (there is an extra. Technician from the author yansors). You don’t have to drive up directly to the logs on the timber carrying vessel (unless, of course, you’re cheating, you don’t close much, so someone might try to drive around, but this is not interesting), so you have to carry logs to the machine (landmark-large pines). Logs there with a margin, so that several times and you can roll over :)

The difficulty of assessing it will not work out exactly, but it is quite possible to pass the default, but few people ride it ...

So to the map itself:
- size 1 * 1 km;
- 1 garage (closed, but with the opening of problems should arise);
- 1 refueling;
- 6 sawmills;
- 6 points of intelligence;
- 4 slots for cars;
- logging and loading points MISSING !!!

Oh yeah, I did before the graphics update, so I don’t know how it will look with the new graphics.
Waiting for feedback on the work, whether you like it or not, comments, screenshots from the passage and everything as usual. All successful pokatushek strongly not scold :)

Credits: Гончар Данил (Handyman)


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