John Deere 7000 & 7010 Large Frame v2.0.0.0
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Mod John Deere 7000 & 7010 Large Frame v2.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Another John Deere 7000 and 7010 series big frame. A tractor that has been recreated many times in the farm simulation game and there is another variant of it!


- Demco tank mount and Degleman silo mount are in front loader configurations.

-I know that the Deglemann mount can be bought at the same time as the front weight configuration. I just hope you don't report this as a problem. Otherwise, it would be possible to buy a bracket for a front loader, when part of the blade would be installed in the same place on the frame spars, which would also be unrealistic!

- I also suggest not using the wing configuration when using the demo tanks. when turning, the wings will cut through the tanks.

What I did as 46mods for this mod:

  -Fixed bugs. has a clean log so far in my testing.

  -Complete repair of wheel configs. (Stopped because I could have done more)

  - Modeled a new shield and front loader steps.

  - Modeled demco mounts specific to the MFWD 7000 Deeres.

  -Install mounts for Demco tanks and Degleman silage knife.

  - New John Deere decals (thanks to Ross.W for the reference images for the 7000 and my friend Pierre-Luc Pelletier for the 10th series)

  -More minor edits, modifications.

Related mods:

  - Demko tanks
  - Blade for Deglemann silage


  -Sotillo (original model)

  -Knagsted (beam front axle 2WD)

  -Ross W. (Creating an EU model for the US)

  -Custom Modding, Casearias (tires, rims)

  -Rooster Mods (UDIM wide front axle, updated rear fenders)

  -Puma (Quicke front loader mount)

  - WadeMitch modding and fixes (front grille, headlights, exhausts)

  -OS Farms (mount for Degleman silage knife)

  -46Mods (Frontal shield. Steps, Demco tank mounts)


  -Sotillo (Original textures)

  -Ross.W, IPF Brandyman (UDIM)

  -46Mods (New 7000/7010 stickers)

  -OS Farms (spec map on demo mounts)

FS22/GE engine changes:

  -Diniz Farms (FS22 conversion, MFWD edit)

  -Zichner99 (MFWD edit)

  -46Mods (cleaning and reworking GE files, still not perfect but better)

Credits: Rooster Mods, 46Mods.


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