CHTZ T-100 V1.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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The ChTZ T-100 bulldozer from the author LabachukVolodumurpedik was taken as the basis of the mod and completely redesigned + repaired by me.
Differences from the original: A completely new sound, a new engine, a new blade, all chassis was reassembled, almost all configurations were replaced, chassis configs were replaced, full Terrafarm support was added, all errors in the log and malfunctions /problems of the mod were removed. The mod was actually rebuilt almost from scratch (only the 3D model remained from the previous mod).
Trailers can be towed.
A completely clean log with no errors.

Credits: MAPBEH


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TAGS:(1.14.x), T-100, ChTZ, v1.0.0.0