Fed Produktions Pack v2.3.0.0
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Mod Fed Produktions Pack v2.3.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

Production 2.3
- Replaced pasta production level indicator with rye and spelled flour trays.
- Refinery parking lines removed
- Brewery relocated due to erroneous collision
- Fixed CPU grid flag bug with wooden barrel pallet.
- Changed the silage additive palette, and the silage additive is now slightly lighter.
- Added beer as a 10% woodcutter booster
- Performance improvements for various industries
- Increased the amount of Refinery trigger liquids.
- Cardboard pallet changed
- Changed the palette of beer kegs.
- Capacity of separators for liquid manure, manure and digestate is slightly increased
- Lime works overtime for gravel handling
- Gravel plant new line for soil and gravel
- Added best french and czech translations
- For a better view, fruit plantations (apple, cherry, plum, pear, mirabelle and peach) can now be found in the build menu under plantations.
- Slightly increased trigger on gardens
- Lab Silage Supplement can now also be taken in liquid form.
- Fixed collision in photovoltaic systems

- Performance improvements for Power Shops, BGA 2MW, Bakery, Brewery, Fertilizer, Fisherman, Lumberjack and Cheese Dairy.
- Potato factory fixed erroneous collision with silos
- Potato plant pallet delivery trigger and sewage marker moved accordingly.
- Improved the texture of the potato plant masonry.
- Increased vegetable factory trigger for potatoes, onions and carrots.
- French translation added (XTENNESIEX Translator)
- Moddesk adapted to Giants version number
- Removed some extra textures
- Moved vegetable factory loading and unloading icons.

better late than never.
This is now my FED production package.
The package is a summary of all available production mods made by me.
The Fed Mods package currently consists of
Fertilizer production (manure and slurry become fertilizer)
Seed production (from grains like wheat + fertilizer we sow)
Fermenter (grass and/or chaff becomes silage)
Compound feed plant (feed for cows and feed for pigs)
Oil refinery (rapeseed or sunflower becomes diesel fuel and pig feed)

Credits: FedAction


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