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This is not a mod!!! Unzip and replace all files and folders in the mod's original folder.

- replaced the hop plant with hop vines from the Vidgostice map (with the difference that after harvesting it can be unloaded into a silo or sold or delivered to a brewery; there is a hop plant in Vidgostice);
- added rice to the seeder;
- fixed horses; now you can ride them again;
- Added additional crops: rye, millet, beans, peas, lentils, flax/flax seeds (with flax fiber as straw), hops, poppy seeds, mustard, carrots and onions, but REMOVED olives, sugar cane and radish;
- changed foliage and growth of alfalfa and clover because they didn't grow back;
- added new crops and straw to all points of sale and production, as most of them have contracts;
- added new factories (bakery, spinnery, oil mill, mill, etc.) with new products and new buildings for animals.
- added animals from HOF Bergmann by Farmer Andy, including cats (cats eat mineral food, breed and can be sold);
- Added cat area and calf needle that can be placed in build mode (calves need straw and milk; igloo can be placed in 2 different ways: one with all fences, the second to add to empty places where there are fences; level the ground first);
- added goat farming from HOF B. to get goat milk (!!! - removed fences, pastures are quite big, give them some space; only add goats inside because pallets strangely spawn one piece of wool on a pallet; for sheep, use a different paddock/ pasture);
- added greenhouse and outdoor garden area with new plants;
- added a hayloft that accepts even bales (but returns most) and changed the map bunker to accept alfalfa and clover
- Added storage for root crops, working with carrots and onions;
- added OmaTana growth calendar for those who want to play without seasons (just base game crops grow faster; I don't know how to add non-seasonal growth for new crops to make it work properly; if you know please add and contact me for update);
- added custom traffic with custom cars
- added new animals to pre-placed pastures and animal dealer.

Translation only in English and Romanian. I feel sorry for the Poles, but I did not fix the translation (lack of time and knowledge of the language, if you can help, it will be appreciated and included in the next update)

Credits: Jinkou89


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