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This is not a mod!!! Unzip and replace each files and folders in the original mod folder.

- fixed animal food;
- changed alfalfa foliage (again);
- darken the grass foliage;
- changed grape vines appeareance (and made them cheaper to place);
- added Polish translation with the help of Ramzes490;
- fixed rice harvesting effects;
- other error fixes;

Known issue: horses for some reason I couldn't find (working on that), can't be ride, it gets black screen and frozes the game... Will update as soon as I will find a fix.

Please follow the tutorial made by Enowler how to add multi fruit on a map. The process is the same for Rogatki.

For the carrot and onion harvest I added some mods as requirements that should automatically download from mod hub. Also you can check my Fortscritt Multifruit edit for a smaller machine that suits better for this map.

Tutorial for multifruit:

All credits go to the map maker VenturioGames and his team and Farmer Andy for animals.

- Added extra crops: rye, millet, beans, peas, lentils, linseed/flax (with flax fiber as straw), hops, poppy seeds, mustard, carrot and onion but REMOVED olives, sugarcane and oilseed radish;
- changed the foliage and growth for alfalfa and clover, because they were not regrowing;
- added the new crops and straws to all the sellingpoints and productions, also most of them have contracts;
- added new factories (bakery, spinnery, oil plant, grain mill etc.) with new products and new buildings for animals.
- added the animals from HOF Bergmann by Farmer Andy, including cats (cats eat mineral feed; they reproduce and can be sold);
- added cat zone and calf igloos placeable in building mode (calves need straw and milk; the igloos are 2 different placeables: one with all the fences, the second to add in the empty spaces where the fences are; level the ground first);
- added a goat husbandry from HOF B. to get goat milk (!!! - removed fences, pasture pretty large give them some space; add inside only goats because the pallets spawn oddly one piece of wool o a pallet; for sheep use another pen /pasture);
- added a greenhouse and open garden plot with new plants;
- added a hayloft that accepts even bales (but gives bulk back) and modified map's bunker silo to accept alfalfa and clover
- added a root crop storage that works with carrots and onions;
- added OmaTana's growth calendar for those who want to play without seasons (just base game crops grow faster; I don't know how to add for the new crops the nonseasonal growth to work properly; if you know, please add and contact me for an update);
- added custom traffic with custom vehicles
- added new animals on the pre-placed pasturea and animal dealer.

Translation only in english and romanian. I am sorry for the polish people but I didn't fixed the translation (lack of time and language knowledge, if you can help, will be apreciated and included in the next update)

More changes that I forgot about.
Known issues: Fruit Orchard has some errors that hopefully I will fix soon; millet doesn't load foliage distance (tried everything I knew, but it is not game breaking). If other issues occur, please report and will try to fix them.

Credits: Jinkou89


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