Universal Autoload v1.5.2.0 (1.14.x)
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Truck loading for flatbed trailers for Farming Simulator 22. The script automatically modifies the actual trailers of the base game and will be applied to all new or existing trailers on your farm. Please review the README file for instructions on adding your regular trailers or pallets.

- Loads favorite compatible pallet/container types (see the list below)
- It is installed automatically on your favorite simultaneous trailers (see the list below)
- Loading and unloading according to the selected material or container type
- It is also possible to limit loading to full pallets only
- Select "ALL" to download the mixed types later.
- Mixed pallets are loaded in order of size to improve packaging efficiency
- Can interact with trailers when the player is walking (even if he is not attached to the vehicle)

Special features for the 'Krone Trailer Profi Liner'
- Loading/unloading is only available from the side where the curtain is open
- Rear loading is not compatible with the forklift
- The back door and curtain can be opened and closed by the player on foot

It is configured for the following types of containers:
- BigBags
- Big Bag Pallet
- In the Euro zone
- IBC liquid tanks
- Square bales
- Potato crates (mod required: Seed Potato Pack)

Setup for the following trailers:
- Brantner DD 24073/2 XXL (bale trailer)
- Bremer Transportwagen TP 500 S
- BÖCKMANN MH-AL 4320/35
- Demco Steel Drop Deck
- Farmtech DPW 1800 (standard)
- Fliegl DTS 5.9
- KRONE Trailer Profi Liner
- Kröger PWO 24 (standard)
- LODE KING Renown Drop Deck
- Welger DK 115 (bale trailer)

It is configured for the following vehicles:
- Lizard Pickup 1986
- Lizard Pickup 2017
- Mahindra Retriever
- JohnDeer XUV865M

An addon for this script that adds support for a large number of mods-Universal Autoload Add-on v1.3 (updated 05.05.23)

In version
- Added support for TRM straw separators and mixers: KUHN RA 142, KUHN PRIMOR 15070 M, SILOKING TrailedLine 4.0 Premium 2218-22, FARESIN PF 2.24 Plus, Anderson Group PRO-CHOP 150.

Credits: loki_79


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