John Deere 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters v1.0.0.0
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Mod John Deere 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2022

"Powerful and efficient while maintaining silage quality"

New to the 2022 John Deere factory line of self-propelled forage harvesters are the 9000 Series choppers. Designed to replace the higher power 8000 Series, the 9000 Series choppers also provide more comfort, more features, and all of this translates into better forage quality. The 9700, 9800 and flagship 9900 models were launched first, followed by the slightly smaller 9500 and 9600 models. Models 95 and 96 are powered by 18L JD18X engines, while models 97, 98 and 99 are powered by Liebherr 24.0L engines. Whether it's in-season silage, dense winter crops or tall corn silage, John Deere forage harvesters provide the right amount of efficiency and the right quality forage.

This is a John Deere 9000 self-propelled forage harvester based on the in-game forage harvester. I've added the smaller 9500 and 9600 models in addition to the North American specs and some other features! This pack also includes lightly edited versions of the base game titles allowing for color customization of the Kemper 345, 360, 375 and 390, in addition to the 639 pickup and Kemper's comfortable road wheel.

Another feature of this pack is a couple of harvesters in the shop menu. The first is standard, and the second is identical, but the pipe is moved with the mouse, not automatically. This is for those of you who enjoy filling realistic trailers! NOTE. The hand pipe option is possible but not ideal if you like to use hired workers as the AI ​​doesn't move the pipe during harvest!

Engine Models

- 9500: 690 HP

- 9600: 740 HP

- 9700: 755 HP

- 9800: 856 HP

- 9900: 956 hp

An i is affixed to models when European warning signs are selected for country designation.


- ProDrive™ 25 mph/40 km/h with field and road range

Wheel configurations

- Wheel brands: Michelin, Trelleborg, Continental, Mitas, BKT, Vredestein

- All brands of wheels have:

> Standard: $0

> Wide: $2250

> Front row double crops: $4,500

> Front doubles: $5,000

> Michelin also offers a front track configuration.

Pipe configurations

- Low profile, short, medium, long

Color configurations

- Main color

- Pipe color

- Hub color

- Rim color

Rear hitch configurations

Low hitch: single

Low hitch: double

- high hitch

Additional configurations

- Warning signs: North American, European

- Lighthouses: yes or no

- CB radio: yes or no

- Fleet number: 1 to 8

Credits: Skywalker Farms


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