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Welcome to Italy. One of the features of this map is that all buildings, streets, walls and fences, rails and even the train locomotive are original and designed from scratch. The "Italia 'Light Version card has 3 farms (Masseria): Masseria Italia (N. 1 on PDA), Masseria Parma (N. 2 on PDA), Masseria Azzurra (N. 3 on PDA). These farms were designed with the idea, that the player can start with the first, Masseria Azzurra, which is the cheapest and smallest of the three, then buy Masseria Parma, which is larger and has a pigsty, and as the final phase, buy Masseria Italia, which has all types of stables and several barns. In addition, the player can also buy equipped plots in addition to farm houses. Equipped plots are plots of land containing structures such as silo trenches, sheds, silos or stables. These are: Trincea Parma (silage trench + barn), Trincea alla Ferrovia ( silo trench + train loading system), Capanno Italia (barn + grain silos + silos for storing seeds and fertilizers), Stalla a Valle (cowshed) - Ovile (sheepfold), Stalla Cavalli (stable), Deposito Forestale (warehouse + stationary and shredder + crane for moving logs), Deposito Ferroviario (warehouse + grain silos). If you start your farming career without a farm or tools, you can choose another "game" that we have invented for you. You can simply start by purchasing equipped space. For example, you can select an area that has silos (such as Deposito Ferroviario or Capanno Italia) to then continue building stables and expand your farm from there. The proper functioning of the stables, silos and gates available on farms and equipped areas is associated with the acquisition of fields containing these structures. Other features: - 48 fields; - Dynamic background; - Support for the "Seasons" mod; - Support for MaizeAIZE Pus; - Support for Manure System; - Multi-angle; - Multifruit. Changes v1.0.0.0 from 04/05/21: - Updated donator names on the monument; - Added collisions for parapets and roofs in a small village; - Added the ability to sleep in every Masseria property; - Fixed texture of pig feeder in Masseria Parma; - Fixed edges of field 1; - Expanded the trigger for chicken food in Masseria Azzurra; - Added the ability to find out the amount of fertilizers, seeds and feed for pigs in their own bunkers from the ESC menu; - Bug fixed: depth map is not available, but shape 'smokePar ...; - Added pastures for animals, compatible with the functions of the "Seasons" mod. Important! You need to start a new career! Authors: Sbaffo Farming, SMI Modding Team, Edomod.

Credits: Edomod


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