Freightliner FLD v2.3 by odd_fellow [1.40.x]
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Freightliner FLD 30.04.21 1.40 ETS2 Sold in the Volvo showroom 2 cabins 1 chassis option 14 engines (in the place with the engine, the nameplate on the door changes) 6 transmissions Your own interior (2 options) Your own sounds (several options, depending on the brand of the engine) Your wheels Your skins Supports advanced coupling Support for DLC Cabin Accessories and SISL Mega Pack Lots of tuning and accessories Attention! When used in conjunction with some mods (season, weather, graphics, global sound mods, etc.) containing the file-game_data. sii, it is possible to crash the game. odd_fellow, Harven, Lucasi, Pauly Missing files, correction and testing: losevo58 Registration in the salon, cables: Serega22ru

Credits: odd_fellow, Harven, Lucasi, Pauly M


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