Scania R & Streamline Brazilian Style v1.6.7 [1.43]
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1 – Added P, G (2007) and G Streamline models; 2 – Compatible with “Mighty Griffin” DLC – see update notes; 3 – Appear on the Freight Market; 4 – New Spare Parts – see update notes; Changelog 1.6.7: – Correction of instrument panel lighting; – Correction of the brightness of the rear-view mirrors; – Correction in the texture of the windshield; – Truck height correction-eliminating gap between mudguard and wheel box; – Correction in the appearance of the models in the Fast and dealership work; – New texture for the “illuminated”front emblem; – Fix small other things I don’t remember, like parts and other objects; Cons: 1 – It is not standalone, that is, it replaces the original game models, so be careful when adding accessories related to these trucks – see Warnings and Precautions with the Mod; 2 – Do not appear in Traffic yet; 3 – It doesn’t have its own sound yet; 4 – Some paintings may not appear correctly or not available for all models offered; 5 – It doesn’t have all the accessories used in the Brazilian models.

Credits: Douglas da Silva


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