KamAZ 5410 HQ Modified v2.2.2 by oq37 [1.43.x]
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KamAZ 5410 Modification from the Author Oleg Davydov [oq37] for ETS2 version 1.43.x Description: Autonomous, it does not replace anything, it is bought at dealers of KAMAZ and VOLVO modifications. It has one chassis and one cabin. Simple external tuning. It has 6 varieties of KAMAZ tires It has black Soviet license plates. It has spiral cables with physics. There is no advanced coupling with standard trailers from SCS. Recent changes: Added support for multiplayer with CONVOY mode [1.43.x].:) Added high-quality sounds of KAMAZ-2 engines of the type [1.43.x].:) Mod has a brand new KAMAZ sounds in all aspects [1.43.x].:) Added high-quality sound engine YAMZ-238 [1.43.x].:) Fixed sound reverberation in the interior [1.43.x].:) Has brand new interior and a new animation [1.43.x].:) Added 4 modes of wipers [1.43.x].:) The updated camera and added new physics in the cockpit [1.43.x].:) The animation window is present, but only in the interior of [1.43.x].:) Fixed GPS navigation in interior [1.43.x].:) Added the onboard computer in the interior [1.43.x].:) Removed the dirt from vneski – it match the new interior… Newly updated lighting truck [1.43.x].:) Improved lighting of the truck in the middle and far distance [1.43.x].:) Fixed in the companies and dealers dekstop [1.43.x].:) Prasanna installation disc rims to the tires.:) The mod does not conflict c KAMAZ 43101 Army from author Nicola Donbass [1.43.x].:) The mod does not conflict with KAMAZ 5410HQ from the authors JAWA, Stas556 [1.43.x].:) The mod does not conflict with KAMAZ 4410 OffRoad from authors JAWA, Stas556 [1.43.x].:) In the fashion are collected all the best from other mods and the authors of [1.43.x].:) Given a face-cleaning the 3D model [1.43.x].:) A full optimization of 3D models in the environment simulator [1.43.x].:) In the log of the game everything is clean 100% [1.43.x].:) The last test on the ETS2 version: Have a nice game and have a good road! Oleg Davydov-[oq37].Authors of some used 3D models of KAMAZ: JAWA, Stas556.Adaptation and Corrections: MaxX_Agent.

Credits: Oleg Davydov-[oq37]


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