Volvo FH 2012 Classic v28.10r by Pendragon - 1.44
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Volvo FH 2012 Classic - reworked and improved default truck by SCS Software. Volvo FH16 2012 from Ohaha is perhaps the best mod for tuning Volvo FH16, despite the fact that the developers from SCS Software initially laid down the possibilities for tuning Volvo brand trucks. Features Volvo FH 2012 Classic: - New cabins - New chassis - New exhaust pipes - Many different plates - Additional skins - Ability to disable the inscription "Globetrotter" and more - Added new side skirts for 4x2 chassis - Lots of tuning Changes in v28.10r: Fixed missing automats Added new 4 variants of big fuel tanks to 6x long chassis Reworked wide air tank SIGNS ON YOUR TRUCK Compatibility Addon:ohaha, WrittenExample, Eugene, heavy duty models by RTA-Mods (reworked by Pendragon), Pendragon

Credits: ohaha, WrittenExample, Eugene, heav


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