Volvo FH16 2012 v24.04r by Ohaha (1.38.x)
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Changes v24.04r: Now mod is called fh16_2012_classic. Compatible with 1.38, FH Tuning Pack. Reworked almost entire mod, many new UI icons and other things. Required FH Tuning Pack Strongly recommended to sell your truck before update, because you will have CTD and many red lines!!! FH Tuning Pack is required to mod work properly!!! This is mod replaces default Vovlo 2012, but the whole tuning with standalone Volvo 2013 ohaha 24.00s New cabins New chassis New exhaust pipes Many different plates Additional skins The ability to disable the inscription "Globetrotter" and more Added new side skirts for 4x2 chassis A lot of tuning Work on 1.38

Credits: Pendragon


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