RJL Scania P&G Addons by Sogard3 - 1.48.1
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Changes Added support for Swap Body Carrier Chassis Pack Features: Now G series adds the cabins to the G series by RJL Added P4 series Added new steering wheels without some buttons. 5s interiors with shorter dashboard for P series. Reworked all interiors New basic bumpers for P4series(They work on R4 and T4 too). Windows animation(Thanks to Mohammad). Added DLC compatibility for all new interiors. Added 60 5s series interiors for each series(Short, Day, Low, Normal & Highline cabins).(120 in total). Added missing interior tunnel on UK interiors and on the exterior view for P series. Reworked 6 series interiors. Credits Sogard3

Credits: Sogard3


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