Next Generation Scania P G R S v2.5.2 by Eugene (1.44.x)
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Changelog v2.5.2 Update for 1.44 Changelog v2.0 The 2.0 update obviously brings in the long avaited P and G Series, but there are also some nice additions. This is the changelog (or atleast all the things i remembered) – P cab (made in kind coopereation with Yukine, hats off to him) – G cab (own development) – New spoilers system (roof and side deflectors are bought separetly now) – New 65 cm spoiler (P and G only now) – Raised options for spoilers – New rear fender system (fender top is bought separetly now) – New medium-height fender top (doesn’t clip with trailers) – New side storage options – Changed 5th wheel – 540 hp engine option – Air filter as separate accessory – localization tweaks – Reworked side panels – a small extra accessory (try to find it) WARNING! THIS UPDATE BRINGS SERIOUS CHANGES TO THE PREVIOUS MODEL, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO SELL YOUR TRUCKS IN GAME BEFORE UPDATING. OTHERWISE YOU MIGHT FACE MISSING PARTS OR A GAME CRASH A couple of disclaimers: – Not all of the announced features are included in this update: 40mm bumper, top exhausts, rigids are not ready. – Mighty Griffin DLC support for P & G series will follow a bit later (needs more polishing and tweaks) Credits: Eugene

Credits: Eugene


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