Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4 Fix v1.1 + ALL ADDONS 1.35.x
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New version 1.1: - Adjusted passenger mirror angle - Added separate parts for low deck chassis thanks to Sogard3 - Bug fixes Change from original mod: -Changed models to mercedes_actros_mp4 -Changed def files to mercedes.actros.mp4 -Added support for trailer cables -Added support for advanced coupling -Added correct engines and gearboxes -Added badges for each engine -Added badges for each chassis -Cleanup of model -Cleanup of textures -Separated spoiler from the cabin -Added and corrected flares -Separated front fenders -Added plastic front fenders -Added icons for major parts -Added plastic front bumper -Separated rear fenders -Added painted front grill -Interior made standalone -Interior button lights made red to reflect real life -Added low deck chassis -Added raised spoiler for low deck chassis -Added collision boxes to main mirrors The chassis available will be: 4x2 6x2 6x2/4 6x2 tag lift 6x4 ***This mod will require the Actros Tuning DLC for icons.*** The mod will work without, but you will get errors because of the missing icons. Originally by Kaptan06, RTA Thanks to: Low deck parts thanks to Sogard3 Updated interior with correct lightning by Oscar

Credits: RTA, Kaptan06, reworked galimim


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